Friday, September 13, 2013

Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my Website...

Hi I am Asad Nawaz. I am a Software Engineer. Currently working at my home as a Free Lancer.
Computers are my passion. I want to become the best programmer. So from my childhood I just used and break down many computers B-)
I have not used the computes which are very old like before the Pentium .
The First Personal Computer I used was a Pentium 1 computer with MMX technology.
It has a RAM of about 8MB and a hard disk of about 1GB or 700MB.. ( I have forgot the exact figure :-))
I was just searching for computer those days because I don't have plenty of money to buy a new computer..
Do you know how I get my first computer .
I borrowed the monitor to my friend.
The mother board and processor I bought for about RS: 200.
I got a free hard disk to some garbage in a computer shop. That hard disk had bad sectors. I tried to fix that.
CD Rom, Floppy Drive and Power supply I get from my friend.
I got a damaged keyboard and mouse from a shop for free and I repaired that also.
So I think every thing is completed now :).
1. Monitor
2. Motherboard and Processor
3. Random Access Memory
4. Power Supply
5. Keyboard and Mouse
6. Hard Disk and Cd Rom
Yes all are complete :).
Then I power on my first computer. It powered up. I was very happy to see my 1st computer. :)
I want to just install some windows in it. I tried to install windows 98 in it.
So inserted windows 8 Cd and boot it.
Every thing was gone good.
But I was unable to format my hard Disk as it contained bad sectors :( ,,, :'(.
But don't worry .. What I have done first time???
I just played the games using the MS Dos.
That games are Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2 and 3 and similar games of SEGA.
I spent that day in playing games.
After some days I tried to remove bad sectors by some software but failed due to lack of knowledge and perhaps due to bad hard disks. That hard disk was about 700 MB.
So this was all my first computer..
And the most funny thing was I picked up the monitor by hand from my friend's shop which was about 1 Kilometer far from my home. :-D.
This was all my hard desire to have a best computer.
And I struggled for that too much in my life.
after upgrading and upgrading many years in my life.
Today I have a personal Computer which is...
1. Intel Core i3, 540, 3.0GHz with Intel DH55TC Motherboard.
2. 8GB DDR3 Ram (2 x 4 GB)
3. 2 TB (2000GB) Hard disk Space. (2 x 1TB HDD)
4. 23" Full HD 1080P LCD
5. ATI Radeon HD 5750 1GB DDR5 Graphics Card (Now I have sold this)
5. DVD Write with Light Scribe support.
6. Cooler Master 750watt Power Supply
7. Cooler Master HAF 922 Casing
8. HP- Laser jet printer P1102 and Scanner
9. Audionic Speakers with Sub woofer.
And I still want to upgrade my computer to reach the maximum powerful computer.
I upgraded my PC very slowly and timely. from
Pentium 1 >> Pentium2 >> Pentium 3 >> Pentium 4 >> Pentium 4 HT >> Pentium Dual Core >> Core 2 Due >> and Now Core i3.
I Know currently there is Intel Core i7 3rd generation processor arrived.
But that require huge money to upgrade.
I am continuously working to upgrade my PC.
Next Target is to replace the boot Hard Disk with Solid State Disk :)
.Hope you enjoyed to read my story.
Just remember! Struggling to much to get some thing will lead you to the path of Success.
You may definately achieve any thing you want :)
Take Care ...
Good BYE